Monday, August 6, 2018

July 2018 In Photos

     July was mostly above average temperatures with some rainy cool spells, not perfect for us but great for growing. Above the sun sets near 10pm, with around 15 hours of sunlight July is like a long pleasant dream.

Roses loved the heat and moisture, some of my rose collection, Adelaide Hoodless, John Cabot, and Linda Campbell were off to an early start this year.

A little photo fun with this red Martagon Lily.

This Amaryllis called Limona quickly became my favourite flower of the Month!

Spiderwort, Tradescantia, is new to me as a perennial but I'm getting to like it's long bloom time and numerous flowers.

Some volunteer delphiniums looked great until a big storm broke most of the stems, that's gardening on the prairies my friends!

Jackmanii Clematis, always a summer favourite.

A closeup of the green heads of Annabelle Hydrangea before they grow into the white flowers.

The large flower spike of Yucca Glauca was mostly finished by the end of the month.

Found these ferns on sale and thought I would try them, they seem very happy right now, above Painted Fern, below Tatting Fern.

Undemanding Heuchera adds colour to any border.

The vegetable boxes have been very rewarding already this summer, difficult keeping up to the lettuce and peas!

Grew these Purple Viking Potatoes at another site, already a nice size by mid July.

Astilbe loved the ample moisture this July.

My cactus collection enjoys the summer sun, foreground cactus was grown from seed 9 years ago.

The chartreuse flowers of Lady's Mantle glow in the evening sun.

All we can do is enjoy every moment Summer has to offer.

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