Tuesday, July 10, 2018

June 2018 In Photos

     June is usually a pleasant month but this year was outstanding! Well above average temperatures interrupted occasionally by heavy rain ensured a wonderful start to the growing season.

If you thought there was a lot of fluff from the many poplar species this year you are correct! Last years hot and dry weather apparently stressed the trees and this year they responded by sending out extra seeds. Turns out this fluff is also extremely flammable as the news reported a fire started by careless smoking meeting poplar cotton, who knew?

The Pagoda Dogwood flowered very nicely this year, a favourite of bees.

For some reason this Chestnut I brought from Victoria B.C. over 15 years ago decided to put on a growth spurt and is now over 2 feet tall! Most years it dies to the ground or gets eaten by rabbits, I can't believe it even still grows!

Got this Lungwort or Pulmonaria from a neighbour last fall so it's new for me, the bi coloured flowers are interesting as well as the splotched leaves, I did supply extra water in the hot weather as it got pretty wilted.

Amur Cork, Phelodendron amurense, bloomed profusely but without an opposite sex tree it will not produce any seeds or berries.

Early in June I was surprised to find my Yucca Glauca sending up a flower spike, in only a few weeks the blooms started. The large flowers are thick and waxy however they only last a day before wilting away. I've had these plants for about 10 years and this is the first time blooming.

This white Martagon Lily blooms faithfully every time this year, the delightful blooms lasting a few weeks before fading into obscurity for the rest of the year.

This years vegetable patch, from front, Lettuce and Kale, Peas, Beets and Chard (what I'm calling the Beet Box) and finally Zucchini and Rapini, the Rapini will be gone by July allowing room for the squashes.

Lady Slipper Orchid blooms for many weeks and then just like June is gone before you notice.

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