Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September in Photos

     As Marianne Faithfull sang, "The summer dying, September lives in flame." I find this month bittersweet, everything has grown to it's full potential and yet lives on borrowed time as the days grow shorter and colder, one never knows when we will get a frosty night! September was still shaped by our continuous strange weather pattern, a few very nice days followed by a few very rainy days. I often look forward to September to enjoy some warm and dry weather to enjoy the last few weeks in the garden, but it was not as nice as normal. Above some of the changing wild foliage around here, Manitoba maples, Saskatoon berries and wild roses put on a show.

Robert Kemp Canna 

Ricinus with its prickly seed pod.

Amur maple is one of the first to change in my yard.

A few of this years tomato crop.

A mix of poppies bursts into bloom.

Trembling Aspen turns a bright yellow before the long winter season.

Trembling Aspen and Spruce are two of the most common tree species in South Western Alberta.

Ornamental Kale is a must have for the fall season, these tough plants can last through October and part of November depending how cold it gets.

Peacock Kale has a finely cut leaf.

Manitoba Maple "Sensation" is a nice cultivar of the familiar wild species that turns many shades of red and orange and yellow.

The same Sensation Manitoba Maple from a different angle a few days later.

A Staghorn Sumac catches the last rays of September sun.

My Linda Campbell Rose bloomed for the third time this year, which has never happened before! It also has some canes as tall as the fence which is almost 6' or 2m.

Some of the landscape in my area, even these scrubby areas of wild trees and shrubs look nice in the fall.

Once in a while a corn cob from the decorative Japanese stripped corn grows to full maturity. They can be kept for fall decoration.

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