Thursday, August 4, 2016

July in Photos

     July, she will fly! Especially if the weather was so terrible it was hard to find a summer day to enjoy. Some weather statistics from our local Global News, July gave us 23 days of rain (storms), the rainiest July in 89 years, that would be since 1927! Over 200 mm of July rain added up to a total of 338 mm of precipitation since the beginning of the year which beats our average annual precipitation of 326 mm! In so many ways it was just like tropical storms and believe me I have spent two hurricane seasons in the Caribbean! It was such an unusual weather pattern of sweltering hot and humid days followed by a daily enormous thunderstorm with heavy downpours, hail, lightening and wind, yes we often have such storms on the Prairies but not every day and not to this degree and obviously not with this much rain! As a Canadian it is painful to complain about July but I am looking forward to calmer sunnier fall weather, hell, even the winter here is the sunniest in Canada, we are not used to this much rain and humidity!
     In many ways the plants excelled in a climate more like a rainforest in Costa Rica as long as I pulled them out of a hail storm, by sheer luck we only had two small hail storms in my neighbourhood many areas were not so lucky, how does the expression go? But for the grace of God go I? Yes, but it sometimes feel God is angry at us for some reason!?

Staghorn Sumacs on a sunny day, it looks like this picture is missing a Pterodactyl.

Goatsbead growing to unusual dimension!


Potato vines, mixed,  Canna " Cannova Red Shades", Rose "Linda Campbell", Amaryllis "Red Bud"

Ricinus "Carmencita", Dhalia "Big Wow", Poppy patch and side garden with lilies and delphinium.

This Red Mountain Orach also grew to unusual proportions, unfortunately one storm too many snapped it off.

Eucomis or Pineapple Lily grows quite happily rain or shine!

A classic thunderstorm rolls by to the North.

This was not so much a thunderstorm but more like a small tropical depression seen here departing to the East looking more like the clouds of our West Coast!

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