Monday, July 4, 2016

A Salute to June in Photos

     Ahhhh, June, she'll change her tune! If it doesn't rain for 20 some days in a row it's my favourite month. It is the opposite of what Calgary usually is, warm and humid as opposed to cold and dry, and always verdant, exploding with life and light. If only it would last just a little longer. Please enjoy these random pictures of June in all her glory, June is a visual delight. Above wildflowers in my local off leash park.

Pagoda Dogwood, Beauty Bush and Northern lights Azalea with a wild strawberry.


     Lady Slipper Orchid, Iris, Blue Delphinium and a long shot with lettuces, allium and lilac 

     A new border with annual Nicotiana, Adalaide Hoodless rose, annual yucca, Kentucky Coffee Tree and succlents.

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