Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crab Apple Time!!!

It's that time of year again, one of my favourites, so fleeting, the few weeks in May when the Crab Apples bloom. For myself, it's a reminder of my years in Vancouver, although, keep in mind many of the blooms they enjoy on the coast are cherry trees and these are of course Apple trees.

I love walking through my old neighbourhood at this time of year to marvel at the blooms, by the time a Crab Apple reaches 30 or more years old I think they become a public service, enjoyment for all including the bees!

For once I don't have a lot of special advice for these trees, obviously they do very well in our climate and throughout the prairies, avoid too wet a location and ensure plenty of sun. Crab Apples come in Pink, Red, and White flowering, and all kinds of forms, Rounded, Columnar, Weeping, Arching. Just pick a variety you like and plant in a good location.

This one was planted only a few years ago and excels in this south facing yard.

I believe this  is the cultivar  'Royalty' a substantial tree that blooms dark red and has burgundy leaves all summer.

Here's an aged yet beautiful white Crab Apple.

This makes one forget we live in an arid grassland with Siberian winters (most of the time!).

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